Creating k3s cluster with Ansible

Build a Kubernetes cluster using Ansible with k3s. The goal is easily install a Kubernetes cluster on machines running:

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu

  • CentOS

on processor architecture:

  • x64

  • arm64

  • armhf

System requirements

Deployment environment must have Ansible 2.4.0+ Master and nodes must have passwordless SSH access


First create a new directory based on the sample directory within the inventory directory:

cp -R inventory/sample inventory/my-cluster

Second, edit inventory/my-cluster/hosts.ini to match the system information gathered above. For example:


If needed, you can also edit inventory/my-cluster/group_vars/all.yml to match your environment.

Start provisioning of the cluster using the following command:

ansible-playbook site.yml -i inventory/my-cluster/hosts.ini


To get access to your Kubernetes cluster just

scp [email protected]_ip:~/.kube/config ~/.kube/config